Marine Restoration in the Bahamas


Protecting marine ecosystems and coral beds in the Bahamas

Environmental Conservation
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MSC Foundation and a panel of conservation experts have partnered to restore and nurture the coral beds around Ocean Cay in the Bahamas, which are populated by one of the most vulnerable sets of coral species on the planet.

We have partnered with leading experts to protect and restore 64 square miles of marine waters and ecosystems faced with growing environmental pressuresThe marine reserve created is near Bimini, adjacent to the new MSC destination of Ocean Cay.

The United Nations estimates that the 1,600 varieties of coral on Earth largely face extinction in the wild within the 21st century due to climate changeIn the Bahamas, only 16% of the Caribbean’s original coral reefs have survived, with 80% bleached in 1 heat event and predatory reef fishes down 90% because of overfishingOur concrete response to this environmental emergency sees us pioneering the protection and restoration of the ecosystems and coral reefs in 64 square miles of marine reserve with 816 freestanding coral colonies and 88 different species of fish.


Only 16%

of the Caribbean’s original coral reefs have survived


of Caribbean corals bleached in 1 heat event


of the marine ecosystem relies on coral reefs

Up to 90%decrease

of predatory reef fishes due to overfishing