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MSC FOUNDATION & UNICEF – Changing Children’s Lives

Supporting UNICEF in the Ivory Coast to clean up the environment, foster women’s empowerment and help provide education for children

Ivory Coast
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Since 2009, the MSC Group and UNICEF have partnered in life-changing projects to fight malaria in Africa, provide an education for children living in the slums of Brazil and combat child malnutrition, saving 100,000 young lives.Our most recent project together is in the Ivory Coast.

Recycling plastic waste to support children’s education and improve women’s employment, that’s what we’re supporting UNICEF to achieve in Ivory Coast, fostering a women-empowering recycling market that makes plastic waste into innovative low-cost bricks to build much-needed modern classrooms.

At present, only 5% of plastic waste is recycled in Ivory Coast, a country where 46% of households live below the poverty line and 2 million children are out of school because of poverty and lack of classrooms. The MSC Foundation’s new project with UNICEF addresses all three of these problem areas simultaneously, aiming to lift 60 women waste collectors out of poverty by creating a recycling market to make 880,000 kg of plastic waste into innovative bricks and build 152 modern classrooms for over 8,300 out-of-school children by 2021.

14 %


3,75 Million USD by 2021

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Project Challenges


children are out of school


plastic produced every day in Abidjan

Only 5%

of plastic waste is recycled


of households live in poverty