27 NOVEMBER 2020

Providing concrete targeted support to combat Covid-19

MSC Foundation donates 30,000 antigen tests to the Sorrento Foundation for distribution in the area

Focus Area: Community Support, Emergency Response



The MSC Foundation has donated 30,000 antigen tests for distribution to 6 cities in the Sorrento peninsula. The initiative was announced in early November as part of a plan launched the previous March to provide a concrete response to the Covid-19 emergency. An official delivery ceremony was held at Villa Fiorentino, the headquarters of the Sorrento Foundation, an institution for the promotion of the Peninsula, on 27 November 2020.

The 30,000 antigen tests with a value of around €200,000 will enable the towns of Vico Equense, Meta di Sorrento, Piano di Sorrento, Sant'Agnello, Sorrento and Massa Lubrense to carry out additional epidemiological monitoring to gain a more accurate picture of the spread of the virus and launch prompt, targeted containment actions.

The delivery ceremony took place fully respecting social distancing measures in the presence of the Mayors of the towns involved – Mr. Andrea Buonocore from Vico Equense, Mr. Giuseppe Tito from Meta di Sorrento, Mr. Vincenzo Iaccarino from Piano di Sorrento, Mr. Pietro Sagristani from Sant’Agnello, Mr. Massimo Coppola from Sorrento and Mr. Lorenzo Balducelli from Massa Lubrense. Also present were the Sorrento Foundation’s Managing Director, Mr. Gaetano Milano, and MSC Cruises Italy Managing Director, Mr. Leonardo Massa, representing the MSC Group.

“This initiative consolidates the relationship between our area and MSC, in particular with Mr. Gianluigi Aponte as Chair of the MSC Foundation Board” declared Sorrento Foundation Managing Director, Mr. Gaetano Milano. “The towns of the Sorrento area would like to express their gratitude to Mr. Aponte and the MSC Foundation, appreciative of the impact this initiative will have on our efforts to combat the current emergency.”

“It is a privilege for me represent the MSC Foundation and MSC Group here today as we deliver these 30,000 antigen tests”, commented Leonardo Massa. “The MSC Foundation’s mission is to provide concrete support to protect the planet and its people. These tests are donated in that spirit and provide significant support to the area at a time when the end of this pandemic seems closer”.

MSC Foundation was founded with the aim of advancing the MSC Group’s social responsibility commitments and developing new ones. As a world leader, the MSC Group is driven by a strong sense of responsibility for the planet, its inhabitants and resources – in particular the oceans – convinced that today’s generations must work to leave a better world for those to come.