08 MARCH 2022

Mercy Ships thanks MSC for ten years of partnership in its mission of hope and healing

MSC Foundation and Mercy Ships flags fly together on world’s first purpose-designed civilian hospital ship

Mercy Ship partnership

Mercy Ships held a series of Global Changemakers events in Rotterdam to mark the successful completion of the outfitting work to equip its purpose-built new hospital ship, Global Mercy.

Representatives from MSC Cargo, MSC Cruises and the MSC Foundation took part in several of these events, including a flag raising ceremony at which the Mercy Ships and MSC Foundation flags flew together, and a tour of the completed ship in all her glory, seeing first-hand how this extraordinary vessel will bring hope and healing, providing life-changing free surgery for more than 150,000 patients over 50 years.

Mercy Ships is a global charity that uses hospital ships staffed by all-volunteer crews as the most efficient way to deliver free, world-class medical services to communities that would otherwise not have access to care. In 2021 alone, Mercy Ships performed over 3,000 surgical procedures and over 16,000 dental procedures. In addition, the organisation also delivered medical courses to over 1,000 participants and provided more than 37,000 hours of mentoring for African healthcare professionals, while working in 11 countries across the continent. Global Mercy will double the Mercy Ships fleet and more than double its capacity and impact.

Mercy Ship partnership

After over a decade of planning and construction with the support of donors and partners around the world, the 174-meter Global Mercy will be used as a floating hospital and training centre with a capacity of 950 people on board. Its state-of-the-art facilities include 6 operating theatres, hospital beds for 200 patients, a full laboratory and simulation training areas, enabling thousands of local doctors to be trained in the places the charity serves.

MSC has proudly supported Mercy Ships for over 10 years and has continued this through and with the MSC Foundation, providing the logistical support and container deliveries of supplies needed to build Global Mercy. A plaque on Deck 11 of the vessel honours this, reading: “Cargo Deck sponsored through the generosity of MSC Foundation”.

Speaking at the Flag Raising Ceremony, Mercy Ships’ Founder Don Stephens said: “We are so grateful for all the assistance of MSC Cargo, MSC Cruises and MSC Foundation in turning our dream of a vessel into reality and helping us continue our journey to transform lives and serve nations.”

MSC Foundation Executive Director Daniela Picco added: “We are honoured and proud to count ourselves among Mercy Ships’ global changemakers. The organisation is a true community with a shared passion for its mission. Don Stephens is fond of saying ‘if you want to go far, go together’. Mercy Ships can count on us to continue this journey together, bringing hope and healing to many thousands in need.”

After the celebrations, Global Mercy left Rotterdam for Senegal, Africa, where her naming Ceremony is scheduled to take place in May 2022. She is due to enter service in Africa in January 2023.