08 MARCH 2021

Genoa Glade of Remembrance completed with Info-Point donated by MSC Foundation

Installation in remembrance of victims of Genoa bridge disaster creates new social hub

Focus Area: Community support


The Radura della Memoria or Glade of Remembrance, an installation of trees and light in memory of each of the 43 people who tragically lost their lives when Genoa’s Morandi Bridge collapsed in August 2018, has now been completed. Located under the new bridge, it creates an outdoor meeting place that will host a varied series of public events between now and December, including expert talks, outdoor education, shows and art, while also forming a starting or end point for cycle rides and walks.

The first stage in the creation of a new Polcevera Park designed to contribute to regenerating the area devasted by the disaster, the Radura della Memoria features an Info-Point donated by the MSC Foundation. Made from two MSC containers sited side by side and converted by Phoenix International, the Info-Point is a wheelchair-accessible visitors centre for residents, tourists and schoolchildren alike that also provides information on the progress of the park works and, above all, a place of shared memory for the victims’ families.

Inside, the Info-Point features Wi-Fi internet access, a reception for visitors, a toilet for people with disabilities and a room for public meetings with drawings of the different design phases in the creation of the Bridge Park by Stefano Boeri Architetti, including the Sea Park (Parco del Mare) sponsored by the MSC Foundation, as well as a collage of images provided by the victims’ families in their memory.

The Info-Point will be managed by a network of local associations, responding to the needs identified and proposals agreed in a series of community roundtables which recognised the need for a front office and series of public meetings for local residents, associations and interest groups, as well as ongoing dialogue with the Victims’ Families’ Committee.

The events planned, which received the enthusiastic support of the residents of the Val Polcevera neighbourhood where the bridge is located, will include open air concerts, plays and films – all respecting the Covid measures in force – and transform the park into a cultural and educational space with many different focuses, including environmental conservation.

The Info-Point was officially opened on 8 March 2021 with a brief ceremony attended by Marco Bucci, Mayor of Genoa, Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Regional Council, Daniela Picco, Executive Director of the MSC Foundation, Giacomo Costa Ardissone, Co-Managing Director of the MSC Food and Beverages Division, Ilaria Cavo, Councillor for Culture and Training, Liguria Regional Council, Simonetta Cenci, Councillor for City Planning and Regeneration Projects, and Alessandro Garrone, Executive Vice President of ERG.

Genoa Glade of Remembrance | MSC Foundation

During the event, Daniela Picco explained: “We immediately embraced this visionary urban community regeneration and memorial project, contributing the Info-Point and part of the “Parco del Mare” family sea park in addition to the “Balata per Genova” televised concert for Genoa in 2019. The MSC Foundation and MSC Group were eager to stand by the city and its residents struck by the disaster. Genoa has always held a special place in our affections, being where we first started 50 years ago and now our biggest cruise port and a principal gateway for our Europe cargo operations.”

The project saw the MSC Foundation once again leveraging the MSC Group’s strong local presence and networks to act as a catalyst of resources, bringing together a wide range of partners, including MSC Cargo, MSC Cruises, Medlod Italia, SARAT, Eurografica, Vernazza Autogru, Stampograf, Errebi Arredamenti and Pline.