Silent Charity Art Auction


7 exclusive Digital Artwork from the Ouchhh Studio video artwork seen at the MSC World Europa Naming Ceremony


Enjoy an art win for the MSC Foundation’s environmental programmes worldwide and relieve the thrills of the Naming Ceremony forever.
Live on 13 November 2022 - Deck 6 Promenade from 20:30 to 23:30.

The charity silent auction is presenting 7 exclusive digital artworks created by the Ouchhh Studio extract from the video artwork seen at today's Naming Ceremony. All profits from the auction will go to conserve the Blue Planet and its unique resources.


About Ouchhh Studio
Ouchhh Studio is a global creative new media studio and a cutting-edge innovator in the creative field, that has been creating outstanding works for over 10 years. The studio is a pioneer of data paintings & sculptures, discovering new technological models to reflect a variety of contexts and experiences.

About Spacefarm
Spacefarm is a curated art marketplace both for physical and digital art. Spacefarm provides digitalization and authentication services for physical artworks, and a blockchain certification service with legal validity for every kind of artwork.


How do I bid?

  • The MSC Foundation will be running a Silent Art Auction during the MSC World Europa naming ceremony in Doha on 13 November presenting 7 digital artworks created by Ouchhh Studio. The Silent Art Auction will take place from 20:30 to 23:30 local time on the Deck 6 Promenade. The sale of these digital artworks will benefit the MSC Foundation’s environmental programmes.

  • People can bid from 1 to all 7 digital artworks, as they want

  • These digital artworks can be bought with cryptocurrency (Ethereum) or USD $ on a dedicated platform, Spacefarm, which will support the entire process until the transaction has been completed successfully. Please note that the transaction will not be completed immediately after the closing of the Silent Art Auction. Rather, the highest bid will be notified within one week at the very latest after the MSC World Europa Naming Ceremony in Doha.

  • The value of the opening bid must be at least USD 10,000. Bids below this threshold are not valid.

  • In order to bid for a specific digital artwork and submit your offer, please express your interest to the MSC Foundation hostess in charge of the lot in which you are interested and fill in the related Microsoft form, providing all the information requested (Lot Number/Title Code, name, surname, email address, mobile phone, offer/bid, country and nationality).

  • Once the Silent Art Auction has concluded, the highest bid received for each specific artwork will be identified as the winner. The person that submitted the bid will be contacted in due course and provided with all the instructions required to complete the transaction.

  • The Spacefarm platform will support the whole process to successfully complete the transaction for the purchase of the Digital Artwork. 



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putting all marine life at serious risk. 80% of global marine pollution comes from agriculture runoff, untreated sewage, discharge of nutrients and pesticides.

50%of all coral has died off in the last 30 years.

Ocean warming, pollution and fishing could cause 90% global reef loss by 2030 and kill nearly all coral in 2050.

41,415species are on the IUCN Red List.

16,306 of them are endangered species threatened with extinction.

10,000,000 hectares of forest

disappear every year due to deforestation. 95% of this deforestation occurs in the Tropics. 14% of deforestation is driven by consumers in the world’s richest countries.