Coronavirus emergency relief: Joining hands for China


MSC Foundation responded promptly to help combat the coronavirus outbreak in China

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The World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern in January 2020. The Chinese government, health authorities and medical relief teams committed immense resources and energy to combating the outbreak. However, the scale of the challenge led to a demand-supply discrepancy in immediate medical necessities.

The MSC Foundation and MSC Group moved swiftly to support China's intensive commitment to combating the COVID-19 outbreak, arranging for the immediate supply of 100,000 medical masks as a first-wave initiative. Each of the boxes of masks sent featured the message of hope and solidarity - 同舟共济,共盼春回 or Joining hands in expectation of China’s speedy recovery.

The medical masks were officially delivered to Mr. Shan Hongjun, Deputy Director General of the International Cooperation Department, in the Beijing warehouse of MSC partner DHL on 23 February, for onward special express delivery to Hubei province by the China Post Group. Thanks to DHL's partnership, shipping the masks by air free of charge, the entire initiative took less than ten days from start to finish, making it one of the earliest concrete acts of solidarity from outside China and the first by any shipping or cruise company. Mr. Shan Hongjun and Mr Li Xiaopeng highly commended the prompt action taken to support the combined efforts of the Chinese people.


Spread of COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak requires commitment of immense resources

Scale of problem results in a demand-supply discrepancy in immediate medical necessities

Medical masks in particularly short supply